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Aesthetic Doctor Recruitment – the Surprising Skills we Value!

November 26, 2014

magnifying glassAs SkinViva continues to grow and expand, we find ourselves looking again for an additional Aesthetic Doctor to join our team of practitioners. 

Yet getting the right person is not just a case of checking qualifications and experience.

For SkinViva, I have realised that it is the personal, hidden talents which set apart an excellent Aesthetic Practitioner – the X Factor which makes great non-surgical treatments.

So what do we look for? 

Qualifications and Experience

Firstly, SkinViva only recruit fully qualified Doctors to work within our aesthetic team.

Secondly, we always look first for somebody who has had some kind of formal training in cosmetic treatments and has also built up some good practical experience – and BOTH of these aspects are just as important as each other.

There are no minimum standards or requirements for training in this industry, which means that there are practitioners who have self-taught, building up experience along the way. Yet even for qualified medical professionals the value of being professionally taught the dynamics of facial aesthetics, anatomy and injection techniques makes an immeasurable difference to the results that individual is equipped to achieve. Equally, having the training without the practical experience would not be of interest to SkinViva, as we market our services at the leading edge of the industry.

When we say all treatments are carried out by skilled and experienced Aesthetic Doctors, we mean every single word.

The Surprising Skills

Once the professional qualifications and experience have been established, we look for more – the hard-to-define X Factor which makes a doctor successful.

Great Aesthetic Doctors have a keen eye for symmetry and balance as well as understanding of anatomy. It is a very artistic job at the end of the day.

That’s why we’re fascinated to read about what sort of personal interests a person has too. Hobbies can be very revealing here. I want someone who sculpts, paints, carves, builds things or photographs things.

We are doctors, but aesthetics is the where science meets art.

by Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP

Clinical Director, SkinViva Training & SkinViva

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