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Dr Tim Pearce Video: Reflections after MD Codes Training

March 15, 2018

SkinViva Training founder and Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce, was invited by Allergan to join 3 days of training and mentorship from Mauricio de Maio at London 2018 MD Codes training.

He shares his reflections in this video:

What is MD Codes?

Tim says:

“They’re actually aiming to solve a couple of important problems for us as doctors and clinicians in medical aesthetics, but also allow patients to get much better results.

“…you can consider them a sort of algorithm for decision-making and I love a good algorithm so this approach of analysing faces, choosing injection points, making decisions about volume, position, safety and product choice – in a really systematic way that will get much more repeatable results.”

Tim commented on how the course influenced his thinking:

“It’ certainly shifted my perspective of the value of what I can achieve for patients. If you are willing to put the work in, these ideas will separate the best from the rest, but our patients will be the real winners.”

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