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Expert Comments on Aesthetic Treatments

September 30, 2015

media comment

Getting your name out is a real challenge for businesses of any size.

It is an area where we’ve made some real progress over the last few months at SkinViva. I’ve been invited to provide comment by the Mirror and the Sun as well as various magazines which has been great exposure for SkinViva and resulted in a number of new enquiries for us as a business.We’re also building links with media contacts and getting known as a good source for comments and stories.

Aesthetic Treatments in the News

I’m conscious that the world of aesthetic treatments doesn’t always get the best press, with stories about over-treated celebrities or treatments gone wrong often dominating and sometimes giving a false impression of the industry as a whole. With regulation of the industry on the horizon, the exposure of the current lack of regulation is also a recurring theme.

However, there are thousands upon thousands of successful aesthetic treatments carried out each year in the UK, creating natural-looking results that help patients look better and feel more confident about themselves.

I value the opportunity to get a more balanced message out to the general public.

When invited to comment, it’s very important for me to be truthful and honest. That might mean explaining risks and complications of procedures as well as any potential benefits. It might mean explaining that cosmetic treatments are sometimes refused for various reasons. As aesthetic doctors, we have these discussions in consultation with our patients every day and the public message should be just the same.

The excitement of being asked to comment should never distract from the importance of being 110% honest, genuine and professional in the comments provided. But there are a lot of positive messages too. Finding the right balance is the key and it’s an area where expertise and experience are everything.

by Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP

Clinical Director, SkinViva Training & SkinViva


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