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FAQ: Can Beauty Therapists do Fillers/BOTOX?

March 29, 2017

One of the most commonly asked questions at SkinViva Training is whether beauticians or beauty therapists can do injectable cosmetic treatments in the UK. 

The simple and straightforward answer to that is presently yes. Although these procedures involve injections, there are no laws to control who carries out cosmetic treatments.

However… in reality, the situation is more complex.

Issues for Beauty Therapists

1. Finding a Training Provider

The first hurdle for a beauty therapist wanting to train in cosmetic treatments would be finding a suitable training provider.

Though there are some providers who will train beauty therapists and aestheticians in injectable techniques, many won’t and insist on medical qualifications for all delegates.

SkinViva Training only offer courses for medical professionals (doctors, dentists, midwives, nurses, paramedics).

Some therapists offer cosmetic treatments without training. This is not illegal, but is frowned upon both by the industry, clients and the media.

2. New Regulations

Current legislation does not prevent non-medical professionals from performing injectable treatments. However, recommendations have been made to tighten up the industry, so it is very likely that regulations will be introduced at some point in the future.

3. Finding Premises

Many practitioners offer services within salons or spas on a ‘rent a room’ basis. However, reputable clinics and medi-spas will only employ medical professionals for cosmetic treatments and this is increasingly the case.

The general consensus in the aesthetic medicine industry, and the entire medical sector, is that injectable treatments should only be performed by qualified and experienced medical professionals.

4. Insurance

Indemnity insurance is essential for cosmetic treatment practitioners. However, reputable cosmetic insurers will often not cover therapists for injectable treatments.

Therapists may qualify for cover for other aesthetic treatments such as skin peels, micro-needling or laser treatments, if they meet the insurer’s requirements.

5. Finding a Prescriber for BOTOX

BOTOX is a prescription only medicine, so while anybody (including therapists) can inject the product, it MUST be prescribed by a qualified prescriber. That prescriber must have also had a face to face consultation with the client. Many prescribers will only work with fellow medical professionals (e.g. nurses) who have completed the relevant training

6. Client Perspective

Last but by no means least, a beauty therapist offering treatments is not seen in the same light as a trained medical professional. With media coverage of the current state of regulation, clients are becoming far better informed about the fact that injections may be offered by unqualified non-medical professionals. The result is that they’re seeking treatment from reputable providers where the injections are carried out by medically trained and aesthetically trained practitioners.

Advice for Beauty Therapists

Beauty therapists wanting to study aesthetics must be aware of the current climate and regulations are likely to get tighter in this area.

My advice would be to carry out further research.

There’s a new council being formed at present called the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners. The intention is that non-medical practitioners may in the future be able to carry out injectable treatments providing they have trained from Level 3 all the way up to Level 7. This is the equivalent of a post-graduate qualification and you should thoroughly investigate the work involved before proceeding to train. At time of writing, there are no OFQUAL or university backed Level 7 qualifications for non-medical practitioners however.

If you’re committed to a career in aesthetics, pursuing treatments such as peels or laser treatment may be an easier option.  Alternatively, pursuing a higher level qualification to provide the medical credentials, although depending on background, this could be a long-term and costly route to the industry.

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