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Why Lip Augmentation is Different

March 12, 2014

lip fillersLip fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the UK today. 

While the procedure is generally categorised as a non-surgical treatment, there are a number of very important differences in treating lips compared to the anti-ageing use of dermal fillers or botox.

This advice is generally directed at those proposing to practice lip augmentation injections and is included in one of our Manchester cosmetic treatments training courses. However, it is also of interest to members of the public looking to understand more about the skin treatment options available to them and what to expect.

Lip Filler Consultations

From the outset, lip augmentation is a very different consultation to the more common anti-ageing treatments. The patient’s state of mind is often quite different, seeing treatment as a positive indulgence rather than a defence against unwanted signs of ageing.

It is important that clients know ‘when to stop’ as often less is more with lip filler. Every lip enhancement consultation should include full discussion of lip ratios as well as objective advice in order to help the client make the appropriate decision.

Repeat Treatments

For the same reason, practitioners should be cautious with repeat treatments for lip filler. A ‘retail therapy’ approach to non-surgical treatments does not end well unless professional advice is given. Although clients can be positively advised to have top-ups regularly to maintain a benefit, lips that are treated too early can look over-done.

Both practitioners and patients should review photographs from before and after the previous treatment, as it can be surprising just how long the effects can last.

More Information

For further information or to arrange an appointment, prospective patients should visit the SkinViva website, which has extensive information about our range of skin treatments in Manchester.

For those medical professionals seeking to gain instruction or coaching in carrying out skin treatments themselves, see the courses available from SkinViva Training.

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