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Newly Approved Fat Dissolving Injections

March 2, 2016

cosmetic injectionsIn use across the pond

The latest wonder treatment from Allergan has arrived and if reports are anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed.

The pharmaceutical giant, perhaps best known as the godfather of Botox, gained FDA approval for their latest creation Kybella last November, and it has been making waves in the industry ever since.

Kybella is being marketed as a substitute to liposuction and contains deoxycholic acid which causes fat cells to die in a controlled way.

But for anyone considering scrapping their gym memberships, the injections have only been approved for use under the jaw line. The substance is injected into areas around the jowls to reduce fat and combat the appearance of double chins.

Despite its fairly restricted usage, Kybella is already posing a pretty serious threat to traditional facial surgery.

Dr Tim thinks that the rise in demand for non-surgical alternatives could represent a cultural shift in customers opting out of invasive procedures in favour of more moderate measures.

He said:

“Kybella is a non-surgical substitute for liposuction, licensed for use just under the jaw line, which is probably the main place you’d want to use it.

“It’ll enable us to restore the jaw line in people who have lost that sculptured shadow, getting rid of any double chin.

“And it’s bound to be a big part of what UK clinics offer when it arrives here in Britain.”

With excellent reviews from Doctors and clients alike, UK practitioners are eagerly awaiting the approval of Kybella in British clinics later on this year.

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