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RCS Consultation on Cosmetic Surgery Standards

February 26, 2015

rcs royal college of surgeonsGovernance of the cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments industries remains a hot topic of debate.

While there have been numerous investigations, reports and recommendations, the industry has yet to make the seismic changes required to protect patients.

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) and Cosmetic Surgery Interspeciality Committee (CSIC) have been working together with other stakeholders to develop proposals to better protect cosmetic surgery patients.

They have now issued a consultation paper in order to seek views on their proposals.

Read the RCS CSIC consultation document in full.

RCS/CSIC Objectives

The stated objectives of the group are to improve the quality of care provided to cosmetic surgery patients by supporting the key parties involved:

The CSIC plan to do this by:

Non-Surgical Treatments

This consultation document applies to the surgical end of the treatment spectrum and does not affect cosmetic treatments such as botox, fillers, dermaroller and peels.

However, recommendations have been made for improving our sector’s governance and numerous discussion groups are underway.

We in the non-surgical treatment sector watch these developments in the surgical sector with interest as it could inform the direction that we take for industry guidelines for non-invasive treatment.

Non-Surgical Treatment News

You will also find further information and industry updates on our websites:

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