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Refusing Cosmetic Treatments BOTOX/Fillers

August 11, 2017

refusing cosmetic treatmentsAdvice for Practitioners and Clients

by Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP, Clinical Director

“The cosmetic treatments industry is often maligned in the press for over the top results or carrying out unsuitable treatments. 

“Firstly, let’s get things straight, the ‘bad news’ cases are a tiny little proportion of the thousands of treatments that are carried out each day. However, these occasional media stories about dermal fillers ‘gone wrong’ or ‘inappropriate’ BOTOX treatment do give some people the wrong impression of our industry. “It is an industry I am proud of and I’m determined to raise the standards within the marketplace, especially as it is largely without any legislation or regulation which might be expected to afford the clients some protection.

Advice for BOTOX/Fillers Practitioners

“That’s why I encourage our Aesthetic Clinicians to have the courage of their convictions to say ‘no’ to treating patients when it is in their professional opinion that it is not in the patient’s best interests.  That may be due to medical reasons, suspicions about the patient’s age or even concerns about their mental health. Cosmetic treatments are for aesthetic value, not as a ‘pick me up’ for somebody whois feeling down.  Sure, it means passing up a bit of profit for the day. Potentially some awkwardness in letting the patient down. But it is far better to listen to your gut and not treat somebody than regret or worry about the consequences; or be seen as a money-grabber.

Advice for Patients/Clients

“Equally, I encourage any patient who is refused a BOTOX  or dermal fillers treatment to respect that judgement.

“I would expect a practitioner to explain their decision properly and fully. Patients who are declined treatment have a right to understand why. In many cases, it will be a recommendation to come back at another point, very rarely indeed would it be a blanket and permanent refusal.

“Please remember that if a practitioner has concerns about providing a treatment, then it is in your best interests.

“In this advice, I am speaking about skin treatments provided by SkinViva, where all our Aesthetic Clinicians are fully qualified medical professionals – doctors or dentists with experience both in their field of training as well as in providing cosmetic treatments. There are other companies who do not require their practitioners to have any training at all as there are no laws requiring this.  In addition, our team are highly trained in the medical aspects of cosmetic treatments – training that we share in our SkinViva Training school.

“Therefore there is one further piece of advice for clients and patients. Do be careful in choosing a treatments provider. Choose a qualified practitioner who has your best medical interests at heart.”

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