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Skin Treatment Patients

★★★★★ Skin Viva was recommended to me by a friend who had been to Dr Tim a couple of times, and his results were fab! The minute I entered I felt at ease and relaxed and the staff really went the extra mile. Dr Tim was happy to answer all my questions and explained everything really clearly about my treatments. I’m so pleased with the results and have had lots of positive feedback! The whole experience with Skin Viva was brilliant from beginning to end, and I’d definitely recommend to others!

Amy Bloomfield via Google



★★★★★ Great Dr Tim was fantastic had fillers in my top lip. So so happy. Thank you.

Sharon Scott, 18th December 2013 via independent review site



★★★★★ I met Dr Tim for the first time yesterday and he instantly put me at ease. I have chubby lower cheeks and wondered if Botox to the jaw would be the way forward. Dr Tim showed me what the difference would be if I was to get Botox of the jaw, and there wouldn’t have been much difference.

He told me my fuller lower face was from fat, not the muscle. He was very easy to talk to and not pushy at all. I said if I could not reduce the lower half of my face, then perhaps adding volume to the top half would work. He said this would draw focus to the upper half of my face, which is what I wanted. I have always wanted the V line look, and if I couldn’t reduce the bottom half then improving the top half seemed like a good idea. My cheeks were asymmetrical and a little sunken too.

Dr Tim carefully administered various injections of 1 syringe of filler, dotting it about in different places in my cheeks and checking it was perfect, like an artist. I have had filler in my lips before, where the doctor just kind of shoved it in and wasn’t very precise, leaving me with a wonky smile. Dr Tim cost a little more but was DEFINITELY worth it. You get what you pay for, and I am so happy with my fuller cheeks. I now have a lovely smooth shadow running under my jaw bone and feel like a supermodel. Plus I had a really nice time talking to Tim, his easygoing, understanding manner didn’t make me feel awkward or silly and vain at all. Highly recommended!

Steph, 26th November 2013,via independent review site


Botox Injections

★★★★★ I had my frown and crows feet done by Dr Tim and loved the results of the treatment. the lines I had disappeared within a week and I was left with smooth skin as a result. would definitely recommend the treatment to anyone as was painless and quick! 🙂

Natalie Rothwell, via Google


Training School Delegates

★★★★★ I attended the Combined Botox and Dermal Fillers course with Dr Tim Pearce last week at skinviva training. I am a GP trainee and have always been interested in aesthetics and this course came recommended to me. From the moment I picked up the phone, they were extremely helpful. Lee Cottrill (Business Director) answered all my enquiries prior to the course and he explained exactly what I could expect from this course. This was really important for me because botox training courses in general are expensive and you want to make sure that your money is being spent wisely.

Around 2 weeks before the course started I received my training manual which was thorough yet succinct. It includes everything that is necessary for beginners to get started and includes all the information you will need regarding consultation skills and aftercare instructions. What I especially liked were the flow diagrams relating to side effects, complications and follow up care. In short, all the possible outcomes of the various treatments were outlined with advice on how to proceed. The course itself was exceptionally comprehensive.

Dr. Tim Pearce took us through the theory of botox and fillers and demonstrated the practical techniques clearly and methodically. Many models were provided for us to practise on and by the end I felt competent in carrying out my own consultation and treatment. What makes this course unique is Dr. Pearce’s focus on safety. There are things that can go wrong (as with any drug) and this course helped me not only understand the side effects and complications but made me realise how to best avoid them or at the very least treat them to the best of my ability. In short, I was very glad I booked this course and will certainly look to SkinViva again for future courses. Many thanks again!

Kavita Krishnan, via Google


I attended the one day botox and filler course by skinviva and I am now looking forward to doing it on my own! The course was very informative but not too intense. I found the information on underlying anatomical structures to be wary of when injecting very helpful. I was able to practice injecting on real clients whilst being supervised and directed by Dr Tim and felt he was patient and encouraging. I felt relaxed during the day and that I could ask any question however silly I felt it was and he would answer it for me. I highly recommend the course for anyone wanting to start injecting.

Dr Travis, Combined Botox® and Dermal Fillers Course


I really enjoyed my joint botox and fillers training with Skinviva. Everyone involved was knowledgeable, helpful and positive and I felt more than ready to begin injecting on my own afterwards. The theory side gave us a great foundation for the practical later on and I really valued having lots of time injecting. I’d highly recommend the training to others.

Dr Forth, Combined Botox® and Dermal Fillers Course


All nurses gave brilliant feedback on the training

Aesthetics Associates


Partner Salons

★★★★★ Skin Viva have been performing treatments on our salon clients for over 12 months. We are confident our clients are receiving high quality treatments and the feedback we are receiving from clients is really positive. We feel skin viva are a highly professional and organised company to work alongside and the staff at the Beauty Clinic are looking forward to working with them more in the near future.

Paula O'Toole, the Beauty Clinic, Moston, via Google


★★★★★ Amazing, best out there.

Urban Edge, Warrington, via Facebook