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Skin Treatments for 20-Somethings

October 2, 2014

Can you guess the 3 most common treatments for 20 somethings?

lip fillers

Unless you are in your 20’s, you will appreciate what a great time of life your 20’s are.  If you are in your 20’s, you may have to wait until you are much older to appreciate it!

I’ve met and treated thousands of people in the last 7 years, and there is a big difference in the way 20 somethings approach botox and dermal filler treatments. The key difference at this age is the underlying aims state of mind.

There’s a different mindset for 20 somethings.

It is not about defence against aging, or trying to hold onto something you’ve already got –  it’s a much more positive approach.

The key reason for this is that this is the time in life where you should want to stand out from the crowd, where beauty is at it’s most vibrant, and you enjoy your looks more than at any other time.  You do not need to try too hard to look younger-  this is the perfect age.  It’s often more about capitalising on what you already have.

The question for clients in their 20s, is ‘how can I be a more beautiful me?’

The science behind what makes people more attractive is one of the most important secrets of aesthetics- that there are rules and ratios which make anyone more beautiful.  The best thing about a great treatment is that it does change how people feel when they look at your face- it’s simply more pleasurable.

Top 3 Treatments for People in their 20s

Every face is different, so this is not a blanket truth for every face, but for the average client in their 20s there are 3 key concepts- Angles and proportions of the key features- All of these angles and proportions have been scientifically proven to make people more beautiful to other people.

  1. Eyebrows
  2. Cheeks
  3. Lips


A better shaped eyebrow is one of the best ways to improve the beauty.

botox eyebrow lift


The shape, definition and position of the cheek can all be subtly adjusted with small amounts of dermal filler.

cheek dermal fillers


Lips are an essential aspect of beauty- Treatment plans are governed by the golden ratio, and an understanding of the key components (philtrum, tubercles, and vermillion border) is what allows a skilled doctor to make the mouth more beautiful, and is very popular with younger clients.

lips dermal fillers

The experience of being more beautiful

Just this morning before writing this blog I received a text message from a 28-year-old who had a very subtle 1ml voluma treatment to her cheeks last night.   She got home and within two hours her husband had stopped what he was doing twice and told her she was looking well!   She was thrilled, because like most of my clients she didn’t want anyone to notice her cheeks; she just wants to look her best.

This was achieved because the treatment was very carefully designed for her by comparing her face shape with the ratios and angles of the ideal face.   For me, this is the aim of all my treatments – for people to feel attractive, but to feel like themselves.

It’s vital that the science of beauty is respected and employed when having treatments in your 20s.

This ensures you look natural and more beautiful.


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