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Being Valuable – the Driving Force Behind SkinViva

May 15, 2014

being valuable - skinvivaby Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP

What does my brother reading a story to my 1 year old son have to do with the driving force behind Skinviva Ltd?

Well, as you can see from his face, my boy absolutely LOVES the Hairy Maclary books by Lynley Dodd.  I must have read them to him at least 300 times in his life, and they bring him so much happiness.  They bring my whole family happiness.

One day after he had gone to sleep my  wife and I were still reflecting on how great the books were, and all the millions of children who have been made happy by them, and how valuable they were to all those people, and my wife said

“I hope she’s made millions!”

Well, I couldn’t agree more, but I’m also sure that when Lynley Dodd wrote this book, she was not thinking about money.  At no point did she ever think, ‘how can I word this to make a bit more cash?’

I imagine she was picturing the children she was writing for, and writing in a way that aimed only to make them happy.

In other words, she was focused on being valuable to her readers, not trying to make her readers valuable to her.

This is a philosophy I work daily to weave into the DNA of the company I founded 7 years ago.  It’s a way of thinking I find incredibly exciting and liberating.  As a Medical Director, it makes my mission clear and unambiguous.  When you picture your customer, and what they really want from you, instead of being distracted by short term earning it is both personally fulfilling and the business matters take care of themselves, because customers real needs are being met.

The philosophy works everywhere, but the easiest example is the way this manifests itself in the genuine advice our doctors give to clients.  If we were focused on money, rather than generating real value by meeting the real needs of our clients, the key goal would be to sell a treatment rather than solve a problem.   Selling rather than solving is in essence what we all dislike about bad sales people, they are not interested in our needs.

As our guiding light as a business, the ‘be valuable’ philosophy underpins everything from our attitude to safety and product choice, to our relentless pursuit of excellence and the training we continuously invest in our staff and doctors.

Most of our clients will never know about any of the work that goes on behind the scenes, but just like my little boy and his book,  I know they will know a good thing when they experience it.

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